MROCZA TIMBER - it's a company with a long tradition.
It's origin dates from 1906, when one of the Mrocza's citizens began rubbing wood on the steam frame saw. After the Second World War, as majority of the private companies Mrocza Timber was made state-owned, and it lasted up till 1991, when it returned to the first owners - GROTH Family. During whole period of its functioning Mrocza Timber was known for its high quality of produced goods. Our products were sold on the local market and after organizational changes we began cooperating with furniture producers, building firms out of our region and with foreign companies. Our ambition is future growth and expanding our sale markets. We cooperate with customers from Norway, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Our latest investment is opening factory in Ukraine.

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89-115 Mrocza
ul. Kościuszki 57
NIP 953-194-72-57
tel. +48 52 385 60 35
fax  +48 52 385 65 36
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